Radical High: Core Rulebook

Thank you for enrolling in Radical High! Here, you can become a junior high or high school student in the totally tubular decade of the 1980s!  Radical High: Core Booklet crams all this into 32 pages:

  • A map of Radical High
  • Character development with over 50 traits, including “A MacGyver”, “Rat Tail”, “Mall Jammer”, and “Zits”.
  • Basic rules of the 2d6+ RPG system
  • A brief primer on the 1980s
  • A quick glossary of 80s slang
  • 2 Starter scenarios and 2 idea seeds to get you started
  • 4 Student ID cards
So, slip into your stirrip pants, don you Members Only jacket, and, dare you do it?  Put on a single sequined white glove and moonwalk to your gaming table for a totally awesome tripo to Radical High!

This product is priced at $5.00


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