The Mightiest d4

The Mightiest d4 is an attempt to give d4 weapons that don’t always get used some more options, so they can also shine. The document contains one cursed, common, uncommon, rare, and a very rare option along with a feat for 10 different d4 based weapons. These weapons are originally intended to be no better than improvised weapons, and most aren’t the player’s first choice. However for the player that has always wanted to use darts, sickles, clubs or any of the 10 d4 based weapons included in this document this is for you. These weapons were inspired from different facets of entertainment mostly to amuse myself, I hope you also enjoy them. 

Disclaimer, while these weapons have magical abilities, but they are still d4 weapons true to their original intent. How will you or your players use these items, what kind of interesting moments will be created with items like the cursed Epiphany dagger, or the Blowgun Needles Dipping Kits, or the Penguin club. Each of these 50 weapons all with their own individual attributes can bring unique play styles and problem solving methods the base weapons otherwise couldn’t. 

I would like to give a thanks to atanacossin for draft revisions and ttv/goosievg with formatting. 

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