A Small Collection of Flowers & Entanglements

This is a 24 page zine (including covers) of eight (8) templates alongside a small amount of description plus an example or two to help you create and manage role-playing adventures.


One (1) template is a minor variation on the excellent hex flower engine (created by Goblin’s Henchman whose hex flowers also appear in the Planar Compass #2 zine).

The other seven (7) are a means of tracking relationships between NPCs or factions through relationship diagrams. I’ve called them “tanglegraphs” because it sounds nice.

(Dis)Advantage Hex Flower

The featured hex flower differs slightly from the norm in that you roll two (2) six-sided dice and take the higher or lower value depending on whether you have the advantage over your rival or not with outcomes on a Good to Bad scale.


The seven (7) tanglegraphs essentially allow you to define how a character (or faction) feel about or interact with another character (or faction) in one (1) word. 

There is then space to add a name, short description, and what they knows-es and you’re away. 

Essentially they’re a helpful reference at the table to help you avoid writing copious backstory about NPCs (though you can still do that if that’s your bag).

These templates can accommodate from two (2), a duet, up to eight (8), an octet, characters/factions but around four (4), the quartet, is probably the sweet spot.

They’re especially useful if creating a mystery adventure with secrets and lies…


This was originally made available as part of Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 3 where it had a limited (inkjet) print(er) release of 50 handmade copies.

This product is priced at $2.77


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