Adventurer’s Bundle: Player Options

Best-selling authors Crit Academy bundle up some of our newest and fan-favorite Player Options for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Cleric: Warmind: A 5e Divine Domain

While much of the power granted to a cleric comes from their devotion to their divinity, there are a few who have a unique talent of their own. They possess a potent mental capacity to form their will into reality. They achieve this through their own innate psionic power. These unique features allow the cleric to manipulate objects and their enemies.

Druid: Circle of the River: A 5e Druid Circle

Druids are often secretive and enigmatic. The forest, plains, arctic, and desert are all homes to a variety of druidic people. Each of these cultures, known as circles, form close bonds with the primal spirits of nature. Their close tie to the natural environment allows them to access the primal magics from the environment, sculpting their personalities, powers, and skills.

The druid’s bond to the primal spirits are so intertwined that it has gifted the druids the power to take the shape of nature’s most beautiful and deadly beasts. There is a small circle of druids who understand that all creatures have strengths and weaknesses, and thus they set out to learn how to make the best of each creature and adapt them to a single form. Flowing like a river, their body flows and adapts to take on the best features without fully embracing the complete form. These druids follow the Circle of the River.

Fighter: Sky Breaker: A 5e Archetype

Sky breakers are an order of knights who protect the skies from the beasts above. Through masterful martial training and a touch of magic, the world around them becomes theirs to command. Founded by the mage knight Gunduik Zeeinos, he was the first to be titled Sky Breaker after he defended his kingdom from a dragon attack with his spear and magic. His unique magic and fighting style focused on the manipulation of gravity on objects and creatures. This became the foundation of his order.

Ranger: Bladedancer: A 5e Archetype

Bladedancers are a majestic sight to behold. Their twisting bodies flowing in tandem with their whirling blades are a captivating sight, even to the master swordsmen. They evolved their weapon training styles by observing creatures of nature and adapting their fluid movements into dance-like combat stances. Follow the inner rhythm of the wild, dance like a dragon, leap like a lion, or rend like a raptor.

Werecat: A 5e Playable Race

Werecats are a quiet bunch. They often keep to themselves, choosing to speak rarely. When they do, you would do well to listen, for their few words are full of wisdom and insight. I suppose that is why you can often find them alongside folks of import.

Wizard: School of Binding – A 5th Edition Wizard Subclass

The elemental planes are often beyond the reach of many mortals. Here, the forces of nature are given sentience and form. The barrier to access this plane is often hidden beyond powerful planar spells. Some wizards have spent their years mastering seals and rituals to act as keys to the gateway that separates the mortal realm from the plane of elements. Binders can tap into this and pull the elemental creatures to the mortal realm.

The secret knowledge of the binders acts as a key to this hidden gateway, through which they can tether and enslave the elemental entities and bind them to the caster. By doing so, the wizard chooses to harness the elemental as a guardian, channeling their own magical power into the bound creature to make them both stronger as a result.

Binders spend much time with their summoned companions. While often bound against their will and resentful of their enslavement, some are grateful to experience the mortal world and welcome the companionship that allows them to grow in strength.

Funnel your arcane power through elementals who take the front lines in battle under your command. Enhance their natural talents with your own your in the truly great summoner archetype.

Each of these 5th Edition D&D resources is a complete player option. The PDF includes rules for each character option. Complete with lore, and tables for enhancing your character’s stories and background.



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