Barons War: Death & Taxes Kickstarter

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A friend of mine (Mr Andy Hobday) is currently running his third Barons War Kickstarter.  It went live last night and has been a raging success already, blasting through the funding goal and the first batch of stretch goals.  

The range consists of metal miniatures of from the Dark Ages setting of the Barons War in Great Britain (think King John and Robin Hood if you want a reference).  If you’re a history fan then its well worth checking it out.

“But what has this got to do with us?” I hear you cry!  Well, I have sculpted the terrain range for this Kickstarter as pictured below and as well as offering to print it all (in resin, not FDM) for you for around £200, they are also offering the STL bundle.  I’ve designed them all to be printed on a 5.5″ resin printer and have kept things as thin or as hollow as is practical to make printing as cheap as possible.  the one exception to this is the church – I broke it down as much as I could but without turning it into a crazy jigsaw I couldn’t get it small enough for a 5.5″, but it prints perfectly well on an 8.9″ printer like the E10, X10 Mono, Saturn and others.

One point to note is that the interiors are not detailed as it is intended as tabletop terrain for war games, but if you like the look of this then you can back it here: 

Now, on to my next question!  Would you guys like me to do something similar here or would you prefer to just stick with the miniatures?  

Cheers all!


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