Engine Room 01 (40×40)

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I’ve been working on modular maps for too long, but for a reason or another I have not been satisfied with the results or I’ve had to put them aside for some other reason. This is the first modular map section I’m actually happy with, but I will probably still make some improvements for the future sections. Small tweaks to usability mostly. 

Once I have a few of these done, I’ll set up a separate list for these, but more about this later. 

I decided to start with an Engine Room as I thought that besides the bridge that is one of the critical functions of a starship. This was supposed to be a 20×20 map at first, but I decided to give it more space and feel of a bigger ship by doubling the dimensions to 40×40. I’ll make a similar engine room later for smaller ships and a separate reactor core for capital ships and space stations. 

I made a variant version for this and an unfurnished version (Adventurer+), and  mirrored versions of all variants (Hero+) 

Next up in the series there will be a generic corridor section(s) to connect engine rooms and other sections of the ship. I also have a sketch of a hydroponics and hangar bay sections laid out already. 

BONUS CONTENT: This map comes with a looping ambient track by the talented Michael Ghelfi. You can check out his Patreon here. The track is included in the Adventurer and Hero map packs. 

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