Professor Elemental’s Garden of Escapades

Professor Elemental’s Garden of Escapades is a role-playing game, in which you take on an extravagantly fictitious role, very much in the vein of a murder-mystery party, a very odd parlour game, an improvisational comedy skit, or a massively impractical tactical simulation, possibly involving blunderbusses, bustles, and apish combat.

You and your amazing friends are a merry party of inventive experimenters, rakish sophisticates, specialists in exotic and esoteric ventures, and barely-veiled disreputable reprobates, all cordially and irresponsibly invited by the renowned Professor Elemental to his annual “Garden Escapade”. All went swimmingly… until… mystery! Disaster! Scones… everywhere.

If you’ve played a role-playing game before, settle in and enjoy the whimsy. If you’ve never played this type of lunatic sport before, even better! Don’t be afraid to just dive in and try stuff out. After, none of us really knows what we’re doing either.

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