Pulp Investigators: Portrait and Token Pack Volume 3 – World Travel Pack

20 NPC or Character Portraits including Sailors, Detectives, Kids, and people from around the globe!

Included here are 20 Portraits, each in a vintage photo frame, in Color, Sepia, and Black & White.  In the download is a 459MB zip file containing 120 PNG files.  Two sets of files are included – large scale 400dpi 2200×2200 pixels art suitable to printing or using as handouts within a virtual table top, and 300dpi 500×500 pixels art suitable to using as tokens in a virtual table top.

All the art is hand-drawn and colored, and a great way to show your players various NPC’s, allies, villains, or the Player Character’s themselves.

This pack focuses on world travel, with portraits representing people from different countries, ethnicities, and a focus on travel.

*For personal use only*

ExplorerExplorer SepiaExplorer BW


Included are:

8 Women

3 Men

2 Children (Boy & Girl)

2 Sailors

And 1 of each of the following:

Ship Captain, Fisherman, Explorer, Naval Nurse, Aviator

Low Res Samples:

Low Res Samples

This product is priced at $5.99


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