Ten Down: Underworld Places for Downcrawl or Any Subterranean Campaign

Get ready to explore ten new weird and wonderful destinations for Downcrawl or any other subterranean campaign: thirty pages of exciting new Volumes that can be dropped into your underground adventure. 

  • The Buried Archive, a haunted library under shifting sand
  • Catalyst, a high-pressure city of noble ideas and steam-powered machines
  • The Ebon Fantastic, a carnival of skeletons
  • Perseling Country, where farmers harvest purple Fuzz and heroes hope for quiet retirement
  • Bleakport, a once-great town on the shore of an evil lake, slowly falling into corruption
  • Grand Lithic Station, a crossroads of caravans and train tracks
  • The Oozeways, a slimy maze of monsters, monster-hunters, and squishy secrets
  • The Eternity Stair, where each step down makes time run faster
  • Thalassia, an undersea empire of sunken cities and titanic seabeasts
  • Iris and Umbra, rival religious factions that need each other to survive 

Each Volume was made with the generator in the Downcrawl source book, and includes the random rolls that inspired it. Each also includes a full description, a Touchstone, a list of story seeds, collections of people or places found within, and special rules or tables, like a Table of Random Downish Foods, or new fungal side effects for mushrooms foraged in the Oozeways.

Also included: a new system for forging permanent Paths in the Down, detailing how more permanent connections between volumes make journeys more reliable, and a system for how players can embark on a project to forge their own path between two sites. Take risks as you clear a path, but not too many, or you might create a permanent hazard for any future travelers!

Ten Down can integrate with Downcrawl or be used as a standalone collection of interesting sites for any underground or Underdark themed hexcrawl or campaign. It features the same woodcut-style art as Downcrawl.

Jellyfish philosophers, undead librarians, tame purple worms, and markets at the edge of bottomless chasms: in the Deep Deep Down, you never know what you might find around the next corner.

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