The Cave for the Koryo Hall of Adventures

The Cave for the Koryo Hall of Adventures



Reward: 150 gp

Gungnae, Noonnara

Adventurers needed to patrol in Gungnae for Lord Hildong. Make your way to Gungnae and wait for his right arm, known as ‘No Pants Hong,’ to contact you. Make sure to wear a hat. Lord Hildong likes his mercenaries with hats and his right arms without pants. Prepare well and be ready for anything!

Mode of Confirmation: Just get back to the Hall in one piece. Other adventurers will most likely witness your exploits.


This is a one-shot adventure for Heroes and Scoundrels (neutral reputation) set in the northern realm of Noonnara and will offer a fun challenge for a group adventurers of any level. This adventure uses the Ranking System, created for the Koryo Hall of Adventures in order for GMs to adapt this adventure in their preferred system (5e, Pathfinder, OSR, etc.) You will find the Ranking System details laid out in the appendix of the adventure.

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