The Lost Souls of Ethandun – Part Three – Hearg (The Temple)

The Lost Souls of Ethandun – Part ThreeHearg (The Temple)

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Your map indicates a hilltop temple called Hearg, and legends speak of a settlement there that secured its survival by capitulating to the Outsiders. Your lantern burns an enchanted oil which casts a warm glow that protects you from the noxious Smog of Ethandun. Huddled within the circle of light, you hurry along the ancient stone road toward the hill. Presently you see ahead a break in the mist. Proceeding cautiously, you emerge into a pocket of clear air, the walls of the smog circling around to the left and right. You inhale a lungful of this air and find that you can breathe it without the need of your enchanted lantern. For the first time in many days you feel the warmth of the sunshine upon your face. The hill lies before you, its summit out of view above its sheer face. The road leads to the foot of the hill and to a steep stone stairway which climbs the hillside. You take one last look around you and then begin cautiously to ascend the stairway.

The Lost Souls of Ethandun is an adventure for 1st-3rd level characters. The module is written for Worlds Without Number, and could be converted for use with other OSR systems. The scenario comprises four parts: 1) Burggeat (The Gatehouse), 2) Cyneburg (The Castle), 3) Hearg (The Temple), and 4) The Hive.

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