The Pirates of Vethis: A Worlds Without Number Introductory Module

This is an introductory module for 3-5 1st level characters using the Worlds Without Number ruleset.

In the adventure, player characters begin as slaves aboard a small pirate galley but soon find themselves as shipwrecked castaways fighting for survival. They must unlock the secrets hidden by the natives of the island of Vethis and challenge their former pirate captors to secure their freedom.

The module is intended for two purposes: first, to bring a group of PCs together to start a campaign and second, to introduce the player and the GM to the mechanics of the Worlds Without Number game. To that end, this short introductory adventure features combat, skill checks and opportunites for both roleplaying and clever problem-solving. This will help players get a feel for the game.

It can also be played as a one-shot to “test the waters” of the WWN rules.

This product is priced at $3.99


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