Portents of Doom – Rise of the Snake God

Rivers turned to blood. Farms overrun with monstrous snakes eating the livestock (and the farmers!) Roving bands of undead appearing outside the capital city of T’chel.

High above Aach’yn in his floating castle, The Autarch ignores the signs, but the sages are worried — and they have a job for you.


The followers of Ququmatz, a particularly xenophobic and cruel sect of Azites, are trying to wake their evil snake god and bring it into this world. If they succeed, war comes to Aach’yn. Your mission is simple: enter Aztlan undetected, find and explore the temple, and stop the ritual (or die trying.) Do you have what it takes to succeed? You better hope so, because the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

This module includes a cover folder with maps and a booklet with all information necessary to run the adventure Portents of Doom — Rise of the Snake God in either standalone or campaign mode.

Snake Fight

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