40×30 Battlemap – Ruins of Hero’s Rest

Ruins of Hero’s Rest

Deep within the caverns of a mountain lies the Ruins of Hero’s Rest. The crypt has been abandoned, its stone walls left crumbling, while the sarcophagi have been broken into and robbed… Fallen rocks litter the floor, covering the ragged remains of carpets. Cracked barrels wait, piled neatly in the abandoned cellar, next to a room that is open to the sky, where wildflowers yet flourish. 

More rooms, one honoured, lead off from the open chamber, their tombs also desecrated. At its heart, one sarcophagus remains intact behind thick steel doors. The form of a hero is carved into its stone cover, as if he is merely sleeping, unaware of the surrounding destruction. 

Hidden passages lead to different chambers, and a desolate prayer room decays like the rest of this place.

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