Convergence Manifesto Enhanced Map Pack: Adventure 1



This pack provides full-color, VTT-ready maps for the first adventure in The Convergence Manifesto. Set in Eberron, The Convergence Manifesto is a campaign that serves as a whirlwind tour of the continent of Khorvaire (and beyond) and takes players from level 1 to level 7.

The first adventure, Fired and Forgotten, takes new adventurer’s guild prospects from the heights of the city of Sharn to the depths of the Cogs, and even to the edges of Khyber’s Gate.

Included in this map pack are:

  • An intersection outside a Sharn lift

  • The obsidian caves outside Khyber’s Gate

  • The Red Hammer Tavern within the Cogs

  • The front gates of a massive Cogs foundry

  • The foundry’s central forge