Dealing With Your Demons

Dealing With Your Demons is a 5E OGL adventure in two-parts. Part One is designed for levels 1-4 and Part Two is designed for levels 4-8. The first part of the adventure has the party delving into a classic dungeon, intent on rooting out long-lost treasures. However, things are not quite what they seem and the demon the party destroys in the first act may be something quite different from what they are led to believe. The adventure is designed to be placed into any setting, though it does present a city, Par-Lar Dur, and some locations that can be modified to meet many needs.

At its heart, Dealing With Your Demons is a story about cultural misunderstanding and colonialism, but told through a classic dungeon crawling lens. It’s also a story about kobolds, one of our favorite species in all fantasy RPGs. The second half of Dealing With Your Demons is a trek to discover the truth about the first act and a fight to restore one’s honor in the face of misunderstanding and misdeed. Contrition must be made before the party is utterly destroyed by kobolds who don’t have a lot of mercy in their hearts. Dealing With Your Demons provides a significant cultural background to the kobolds at the center of this story, diving into their religious and cultural integration into the greater world of this story. This adventure is designed using the RORPG method, that’s the Reach Out Roleplaying Games method designed to allow for intercultural dialogue using TTRPGs.

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