40×30 Battlemap – Frostbitten Tomb

Frostbitten Tomb 

The frigid cold of the mountain cavern bites into your flesh long before you enter the ice-covered crypt. Crumbling stones litter the ground, while all but one of the tombs—locked behind thick steel doors—have been broken into and desecrated. 

Benches stand cracked, while the tattered remains of rotting carpet clings to the ground. A chamber of ruptured storage crates and barrels gathers dust in what appears to be a storage room, while hidden corridors crisscross the ruins. 

Various tombs are nestled away in honorary chambers, and a prayer room waits abandoned. There is a space open to the pearl grey sky with eight stone pillars, and a central chamber for the main tomb, engraved in the form of the hero. A thick layer of ice coats everything, and crackles underfoot. It’s so cold you can’t smell anything, and the very act of breathing burns your lungs. 

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