Candlekeep Cluefinders’ Compendium

Welcome to the Candlekeep Cluefinders’ Compendium, a collection of tips, tricks, and lore for would-be investigators and amateur sleuths. 

Within it’s pages, players will find everything they need to create their own investigator characters, while DMs will find the tools necessary to construct mystery scenarios for their adventures and campaigns. 

The Candlekeep Cluefinders’ Compendium contains:

  • 6 new investigator-themed subclasses 
  • New backgrounds
  • New feats
  • New equipment and tools
  • Guidelines for searching and interrogating
  • Guidelines for creating original mystery scenarios
  • New spells
  • New magic items
  • And more…

A world of mystery and adventure awaits. Grab your magnifying glass, and get ready to investigate. It would be a crime not to…

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