Cthulhu Maps Pack


In this pack, you will find 2 maps and 1 battlemap divided in 3 parts.

The first map is a coastal town named “Fallenlord”, available in two versions, with or without the different places named. It is the perfect place for a Cthulhu investigation, there are a lot of interesting and suspicious places in this small city so close to the ocean. Even its masterplan makes think of tentacles…

The mine entrance you see in the moutains can be used with the 3 battlemaps also in this pack. These three maps show three different parts of the cavern, all linked together, leading to where the cultists are doing their dark rituals. A place to put your players in danger!

The last map is showing ancient ruins close to the sea. It could be a Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. The map comes in two versions, day and night. There is a camp fire visible in the ruins, maybe some cultists are around it. There is also the skeleton of a big creature, a creature the players surely don’t want to fight. Finally, the stone circle has a weird plant in its middle, why?

A lot of scenarios are possible with this maps pack.

Enjoy 😉

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