DC-PoA-SH01 Escape from Murder Valley

A Tier 2 (APL 8), four hour adventure. Based on the seed: “This Seems Familiar” from the Dungeoncraft program.

The characters wake up in a cave, inside a hidden valley full of dangers. Their armour, weapons, and gear have all been stolen. They will need to find, or craft new items, while trying to defeat or avoid the threats that lurk in Murder Valley: for a cult of Malar makes its home here, and an evil wizard is personally hunting the characters so that their heads can adorn his already packed walls. Can you even imagine how your players will react?

OK so, this module won’t suit every player or group. It could easily turn into a brutal slog (or a cakewalk), depending on how you and your players like to play D&D (and the classes/builds present). So I made the entire thing viewable in preview mode, to let you see for yourself if it’s something your group would enjoy. I’m proud of this adventure, and I think it deserves to find the DMs and groups who will love it. And hey, if you think the idea is awesome enough to buy, even if you never run it, I’m not going to complain.

Things you’ll see in the preview window (or own yourself, for the low price of four American dollars):

  • A module divided into three parts for easily manageable chunks of content. Very little flicking through the module to find what you need.
  • A map of the valley, divided into sections, with a variety of poorly drawn landmarks.
  • A ridiculous variety of enemies, including the items that they’re likely to be carrying.
  • Rules for crafting crude items from stone, bone, wood, hide, sinew, and feathers. They’re fairly simple, but add a lot of flavour.
  • A villain with potential for use in an ongoing campaign. You could use an existing wizard villain in his place, as well.


If (for some reason) you’re interested in this module, thank you very much for your support. Perhaps you’d also be interested in one of the CCC adventures I published in 2020? They’re still good, just Historic.

This product is priced at $4.00


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