Deeper Than The Eye Can See

When one thinks of Chult, the lost city of Omu is an ever-present myth. The idea of an entire city that has been lost to time and not properly explored in living memory has tantalized adventurers for decades. However, Omu is not the only secret that Chult’s jungles conceal – not even close.

Daeluj, once an isolated community of native Chultans, is whispered of in some taverns and bazaars in Port Nyanzaru, but has not been looked upon in decades. Now, one inquisitive archaeologist seeks to make the journey into Chult’s wilds to discover the missing city. With your party at his side, can you uncover the town of Daeluj and survive the deadly secret of its demise?

This module includes:

-a full 3-5 hour adventure for level 6 players, fully compatible with Tomb of Annihilation (or as a stand-alone)

-7 ready-to-use combat maps in both .pdf and .png format

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