Nadsokor, the City of Beggars

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I drew this map based on the structure originally drawn by Mark Ryberg for the “Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, Vol 1” (published in 1996 for the Stormbringer RPG). This takes his lovely 1/3 page illustration (I love his city illustrations throughout the book) and blows the whole thing up to be a ledger-sized poster-map. I took a few liberties with the map, adding another triangular temple on the upper left, and generally ignoring the description of the buildings being almost all the same pre-plague (while suitable for a city of Law, it was just too boring to contemplate drawing hundreds of the same base building).

For more information about Nadsokor, check out Chaosium’s Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, volume 1 – and of course the original source material in the Elric saga, especially The Vanishing Tower where the city is described looking “more like a badly kept graveyard than a city. Towers tottered, houses were half-collapsed, the walls were broken.”


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