One Page Dungeon: The Briarbun Campaign

King Briarbun, the evil tyrant, is dead and has been for a century. Unfortunately, the festering stench of his reign remains behind, plaguing the land with its touch. Whispers also speak of him still being alive someone and hiding out in some dungeon near town. Can you, brave warrior, rid our fair land of this corruption?

ONE PAGE DUNGEON is a roll n’ write roleplaying game for one player where you record your adventure directly in the book! This deluxe campaign collects all the Season One issues of the game, including: Lair of the Skull, Into the Fae Veil, Black Bile Keep, The Wicked Wizard, and The Wolf Den! 

Additionally, this book adds new rules for campaign play including: A World Map, Town Generator, Seasonal Progression, Weather, and more.

This product is priced at $9.99


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