Reforged Power (for Forbidden Lands)


Over 100 pages of expanded rules for the Forbidden Lands. Including character progress, talents, crafting, magic and exploration, as well as alternative rules for pushing rolls and more.
This supplement requires the Forbidden Lands’ “Player’s Handbook”. It also expands professions and talents from the expansion “The Bitter Reach”, although you do not need that book to benefit from the material.

– Alternative rules for character creation that allows you to combine the “Legends and Adventurers” booklet with the character creation rules in the Player’s Handbook.

– Rules to be able to increase all talents up to rank 5. This includes general talents, professions, kin talents and magic. Also, a multitude of new general talents, professional paths and spells.

– Rules to “Survey the Land” in hexes you visit on the map. You can with these rolls find if there are any exploitable resources and the dangers that may guard them.

– Expanded rules for items, crafting and crafting materials.

– Tables to generate combat experienced NPCs. To allow for more interesting combat encounters.

– Alternative rules for pushing rolls out of combat.

And much more…

I have tried to stay as close as I could to the core setting.

This material is available for free, but if you do end up using the material and have the means to pay, please consider doing that, any amount will do.. this would help a lot, especially to convince my wife, so that I am able to do projects like this in the future.

Also if you do find any typos or want me to consider changing things in the document, please contact me!