Roguish Archetype – Lawman

“An elven deputy stands in the center of the main road of a small town. Her quarry meets her eye, a murderer who’s been terrorizing the land. Neither moves a muscle as they face each other, both honoring the other combatant. Townsfolk have gathered by their windows, attempting to catch a glimpse of this standoff. In an almost imperceptible flash, their crossbows are fired and drawn. The civilians cheer, as the deputy has defeated another outlaw.”

Hello everyone! I’m Quinn the GM, and this is the fourth in a series of subclasses I’m creating for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This Roguish Archetype is pulled straight out of a western, allowing you to create a rogue with the feel of a cowboy or marshal from one of my favorite genres. These rogues focus on taking decisive action in combat, as well as maintaining good relationships with folks in town when they’re not tracking down outlaws. 

My previous work should be linked below, including several spells and subclasses I have released before this. My previous subclasses include the Happy Wayfarer for the Ranger, the Arcane Infection Sorcerous Origin, and the Path of Magnesis for the Barbarian. Any reviews or feedback would be greatly appreciated! I can be contacted on Twitter @QuinnTheGM, or via my email: 

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