Sword Breaker Issue No. 8 – Carapace and Claw

This issue of the Sword Breaker zine lays out a fantasy setting in which the shaping of living things to be used as tools and resources has taken over every aspect of the culture. 

What will you do in Carapace and Claw?

● Don living armor to repel the claw-swords and sting-spears
of your enemies!

● Play the z’murka or sing the songs of the fire ant queen to
inspire or dissuade!

● Harvest the flesh-friend maggots or summon a lichen bridge!

● Protect the tortured denizens of the sporewild from the back
of your loyal war beetle!

● Trick a shimmering gossamer door into revealing a mountain
of luck-grubs!

● Hum the secret tones of the shadowrot to break the rules of

● Put on your iron helm and burn the ungodly witch-world to
the ground!

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