Way of the Sword Dancer

The Sword Dancers of Eilistraee are consummate warriors. In times of peace, they dance with joy, skyclad beneath a full moon. In times of war, they dance among their enemies in a lethal array of strikes and parries. At the height of their power, Eilistraee dances with them. 

Now you can play a Sword Dancer, one dedicated to the Dancing Lady, carrying your own Moon Blade and celebrating in both battle and moonlight. 

Authors Note: Why Monks?

Traditionally, the Sword Dancers were clerics and paladins belonging to Eilistraee’s clergy. This was fine in earlier editions, when the flow of class mechanics was a little more malleable. However, try as I might in 5e, I could not get the mental image I had of Sword Dancers to gel in cleric or paladin form. The cleric focuses heavily on their magic, which puts the Moon Blade in secondary consideration. For the Paladin, the combination of smites, auras, and channels severely restricted what a Sword Dancer could do. However, the monk is made to move, flow, and manipulate the battlefield. In them, I found the freedom the Sword Dancer deserved, and as monks are often seen in a religious context, creating the Sword Dancers as monks dedicated to Eilistraee was an easy fit. 

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