High quality and hand-drawn Map: Palace District of Highforge

This file contains the uncolored and the colored version of a map that illustrates the palace district of the city of Highforge, that was founded by humans and dwarves.

Drawing and coloration were made by elaborate handwork using mixed media materials (pencil, digital drawing) and adherence to the common geographical rules. This ensures a coherent overall concept that combines geographic credibility and fantasy.

This work is aimed at those who are looking for something special to complete their role-playing evenings and other projects.

Both drawings have a high resolution and are therefore printable. The format is Din A 4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

Please note that this drawings are for personal use only.

This file contains 4 pages: 1 cover, 1 information page 1 high-resolution sketch and 1 high-resolution colored map. Please have a look at the preview to see how the sketch and colored map look like. 

I’m very open to constructive feedback so that I can improve! If you have suggestions or comments, I would welcome them in the comments section below 😀

This product is priced at $4.12


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