Monsters of Aquilae (Pathfinder Second Edition/P2E)

Monsters of Aquilae is an enormous bestiary consisting of more than 200 brand-new monsters.

Each of these monsters is designed you can use immediately in any campaign setting and any plot or story.  

Each monster features all of the following:

  • 4 complete statblocks
  • Physical description
  • Encounter behavior
  • Story hooks & quest snippets for introducing the monster into your game
  • Actions and Special Qualities
  • Environmental description
  • Lore: Commonly-known information about the monster, as well as Expanded Lore, only available to a PC who passes Knowledge or related checks to uncover the info

Not certain?  Download the free Bloodguise Diredamsel for a sample of what’s in store here.  (That sample is in Pathfinder format, but you’ll get the feeling for what’s involved here.  Check out the flipbook preview of the 5E edition above, or a screenshot of one page spread below, for a better sense of the 5E content.)

Each monster featured within includes Quadded Statblocks and FlexAI.

Quadded Statblocks means that this PDF contains 4 complete statblocks, enabling the monster to be used in any campaign setting, with PCs of any level.

FlexAI is a massively expandable AI system to guide monster behavior, and you have what just might be the most impressive and valuable creature resource ever to hit Pathfinder and 5E.



This product incorporates several innovative and creative tools your gaming group can use to use the content for a party of any size, and any level.

Infinium Game Studio has released several free booklets as rules accessories to help GMs understand (or to help prospective buyers experience) these tools:

Quadded Statblocks for Variable Challenge:

Check it out here.

FlexAI Guidbook Free Sample:

Check it out here.

This product is priced at $25.00


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