100 Random Encounters for on the Road or in the Wilderness – Supplement for Zweihander

Whether on the road or travelling through the wilderness, characters can encounter other people, creatures and oddities. Some may be friendly or helpful, some may be hostile or dangerous and some may simply be strange. Some could be used as ideas for side treks or adventures. Rather than glossing over treks between places, this list can be used to add random events to the journey.

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Here are some sample results:

  • The party finds a beggar on the side of the road. He is ragged, and smelly. He will beg for alms, but refuse to allow anyone to touch him. The supposed beggar is using an Imposter spell to disguise his appearance. If the spell expires or is otherwise seen through, they characters will find a handsome, educated looking young man. He’s wearing robes, and is quite upset if his disguise is uncovered. If someone attempts to fight him, he uses Magick to escape immediately.
  • The party comes to an old stone bridge. A plaque labels it Charity Crossing, and a locked strongbox is anchored to the ground so travelers can contribute coins to keep the bridge in good repair.
  • The party sees a low, stone building with a slate-shingled roof. The sign out front declares, in draconic, that this is the Hoard’s Hollow. Those who enter find the places a bit cramped for Normal-sized characters, though Small-sized ones are just fine. The tavern is run by Kobolds, and they are quite industrious. Those who are aggressive toward the inn’s staff are asked to leave, and those who do not leave when asked are subject to poison darts with Snake Venom. Once unconscious, they will be dragged outside and some money taken to compensate for the staff’s time and trouble.
  • The party finds a huge stone spire rising from either a hilltop, or from a crag in a mountain range. A (Routine +10%) Folklore Test reveals this place is called Stormspear by the locals, and there are several legends arguing whether it was built by giants, wizards, or both. There is no way inside, but those who glance through the tiny arrow slits feel a presence within the spire. A waiting tension, like the air just before lightning strikes.
  • There is loud grunting and cursing off the path. If the party follows it, and makes an (Easy +20%) Survival Test, they find a clearing with a huge still in it. Working the still is an Ogra. The Ogre regards the party with suspicion, but a (Standard +/-0%) Bargain Test (with a +10 Base Chance if the party offers to help), makes him friendlier. He’s quite knowledgeable on the chemistry of brewing, but seems to be having trouble with his still, and a (Routine +10%) Tradecraft Test, or use of appropriate magic will allow you to fix the problem. If the party helps him fix the still, he will give each of them a “little” bottle (one sized for a Normal-sized creature) of the alcohol. It is potent, requiring a (Hard -20%) Toughness Test to avoid becoming Intoxicated.

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