Easter Eggs from the Feywild


Easter Eggs from the Feywild consists of a short story about the Easter bunny and two random tables for the appearance and effects of the eggs he hides.

When you create an adventure from the content, I recommend 4-6 player characters with level 3-5. They fit into every setting and can be used with new or existing play groups. You can easily add the content to your running campaign or play it as a one-shot.

Within the publication you will find:

++ 3 pages of fully illustrated content
++ 2 random tables
++ 1 monster stat block


About the Author

Christoph started his channel Spielpaedagoge in early 2020. He inspires DM’s with tips, adventure ideas and NPC’s. His small community of DM’s is steadily growing.
Instagram Community: @spielpaedagoge
Website: derspielpaedagoge.de/

Have fun playing an Easter adventure with your friends!

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