The Gambler’s Ship (Part 03) – Map Pack

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We hope you’re ready for waves, the bright sun, and the comfort and leisure that comes from The Gambler’s Ship.

This series can be stacked in the following order (top to bottom): Part 01 > Part 02 > Part 03. In addition to this map series, we’ll be releasing a freebie (the inside of the building in Part 01) early next week, some separate transparent images for easy incorporation, and an overview on how you could stack this campaign and what leads where.

Here’s the third part:

“Curiosity killed the cat, but you can’t help but want to peek deeper into the ship’s inner workings. A small hatch leads you into the ship’s hull. A smog of steam blurs your sights, and the whirring of machinery has you on your toes. In the far back are doors leading to the personnel quarters—you imagine they won’t be sleeping much in between entertaining guests and the constant jarring noises of the ship’s framework.

Lights flicker on smart inventions whose mechanics you do not grasp, and in the distance, you see a long bridge leading to the ship’s helm. Beneath the long bridge are people of all races, chained to the hull by the neck, performing forced manual labour. Slavery? You think. The ship’s personnel, meanwhile, are running left and right, hectically making way to their insatiable guests upstairs. Behind the laughter and pleasure on the upper levels are the literal sweat and worries of those beneath them. And the further down you go… it’s one more step into the abyss.

The captain, you presume, stands tall and mighty behind his wooden steering wheel. His bulky arms decorated with seafolk in ink, and a small crooked captain’s hat on his larger than average head. This boulder of a man laughs frantically in a “oh-oh-oh” sound at intervals of a minute, clearly enjoying himself amidst the gears and cries of slaves, further reminding you of what a warped ship this is. You head back up and order yourself a special ale. Back to dreams it is.”

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for a new series next month!


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