Wayfarer’s Deck: Gothic Horror

This series of 50-card decks with encounters, wonders, mysteries, puzzles, and findings provides a convenient way of creating engaging situations for the players. Instead of rolling for random encounters, pick a card (or draw one at random, or roll a d100 and divide the result by two – whatever sounds like fun for you) and let yourself be inspired.

The cards introduce a variety of encounters and don’t dictate the solutions. You’re never forced to fight whatever you’ve found, and the player have a full agency to do whatever they wish. There are no stat blocks and no answers to the mysteries – you’re free to take the situation wherever the inspiration takes you.

The cards are setting-agnostic and compatible with any fantasy game, solo or in a party play, with or without a game master.

Wayfarer's Deck: Gothic Horror

Feel the Thrill!

The Gothic Horror deck takes you on a trip through a haunted mantion. Expect secret passages, peeling wallapers, suspicious shadows, and hair-raising, weird, and eeries encounters that will satisfy all your needs from Ravenloft to Bly Manor.

Wayfarer's Deck: Gothic Horror


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