Wealdham – Forgotten Realms Stock Maps

Note: This product includes a commercial license to use this map in your Dungeon Masters Guild products. If you just want to use this map to run a game, check out the much more affordable (and much more featureful) adventure Trouble in Wealdham.

This product contains high resolution maps of Wealdham, a small hamlet in the Westwood. With this product, you are buying a commercial license to use these maps in your DM’s guild products. See below for details.

Variants of the map included:

  • Dungeon Master’s map
  • Player’s map
  • Dungeon Master’s map without “Wealdham” and “Amphail” marked
  • Player’s map without “Wealdham” and “Amphail” marked


License terms:

With this purchase, you are granted a license to use the maps in your (free or non-free) products that are published on the Dungeon Masters Guild.
You cannot use these maps outside of the Dungeon Masters Guild.
Copyrights are retained by T.M. van Dalen.

Check out Trouble in Wealdham, a Tier 1 adventure set in the town of Wealdham:


This product is priced at $2.95


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