Lyrical Grammar Fuel: 1980s Harder Rock

This zine focuses on 80s rock music—specifically hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock.

In this issue, we look at several things related to 1980s harder rock subgenres, which includes hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock. First, we look into the definitions related to the music genre. We then look at a very brief timeline including a major predisessor, the rock ‘n’ roll genre of the 50s to mid 60s. A Lyrical Grammar Fuel tool provides some lyrical inspiration. Then we look at top songs for the most popular of the harder rock songs.

This 45-page issue is a Lyrical Grammer Fuel: 1980s Harder Rock zine. It has new material built around several questions.

  • Is a rock a genre? What is a definition of a song that is hard rock?
  • What songs may serve as a companion to an 80s or later RPG gaming story?
  • What type of random tool may help to create an 80s story based on lyrics?
  • What is a brief timeline of highlights the decade of 80s hard rock and a brief history or early rock and roll music?
  • And what core hard rock songs might serve as inspiration for gaming?

This zine PDF brings together several rankings to create an average song ranking. It also awards medals to the most frequently cited works: gold, silver, and bronze.

It has a randoom word tool, d1000 random-based 250 nouns, d1000-based 333 verbs, d100-based 100 adjectives, d100*based 100 adverb, and d20-based 20 interjection table based on the genre.

This PDF is illustrated with some grayscale and color images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

  • Is Rock a genre? What is a definition of a song that is Hard Rock?
  • The Decade of 80s Hard Rock and a Brief History of Early Rock and Roll Music – Highlights from the Past
  • Lyrical Grammar Fuel: 1980s Hard Rock Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, and interjections
  • Top 80s Hard Rock Songs (59 core songs out of 310 ranked songs)

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