Smugglers Cave – 5e Adventure (Level 3-5)

Our latest adventure from Osrynn’s Oddments! This time, it’s our take on a classic plot, with the party tasked with clearing out a smugglers hideout. There are some unique traps and obstacles, as well as a brand new creature, the Akhlut, based on Inuit mythology. As suaul, with an Osrynn’s map adventure, we wanted to bring a fun twist on the plot, no matter how classic the plot is. 

Included in the download, you recieve the maps, both with and without grid (perfect for VTTs), the monster/enemy statblocks, a map handout for your players, and a full, 12 page, PDF detailling the adventure.

As always, this adventure is completely free to download, but has been put as PWYW, in case you would like to support us, and help us continue to create more 5e content for DMs, GMs and anyone else who runs games.

This product is priced at $1.00


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