CORE RPG Encounter Token Pack

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As you are aware I am in the process of creating Tokens for all the Encounters that appear in the CORE RPG. 

I noticed that I had Orcs and Goblins sitting at 4XP, even though they appear in the CORE RPG. 

Because of your support as a community I have decided to reduce their XP and include them in the Encounters Pack. 

What’s the difference between the CORE RPG Tokens at 1XP and the Standard Tokens at 0XP?

The only difference between the Tokens is the combat Arcs. The CORE Tokens have the CORE Combat Arcs colour coded to match the rules found on page 23. Whereas the Standard Tokens do not have this and are designed to be used with any Game System.

Now that there is a gap in 4 XP… I will have to come up with something else to add here for you! 😀 


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