May’s Map of the Month Preview – The Adventurer’s Guild

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Time for a preview!

This is the first map from our Kingdom project (see here for a reminder) – and we wanted to kick it off with a bang!

What better place to start a series of adventures than the Adventurer’s Guild! Located in the city at the southern edge of our Kingdom map, this 2 storey adventurer’s guild has everything you could need – lodging, space to craft and train, a shop for equipment, stabling, a feast hall/tavern, jobs-board, offices, chests for storage, an infirmary & healer, an appraisal office, a library to research monsters and legends and a common room to hang out after a quest!

This is a 30×30 map, spread over two levels (plus a full rooftop) – it’ll be useful for so many games.

The variants for this will be night, winter and rural.

A great way to kick off the Kingdom project, eh?


As usual, we want to hear your ideas for an alt-version of this map. How would you re-imagine this building? What would you make it into? What else could this place be?

Your idea should be fantasy themed, and be a re-skin of this (i.e not  a complete re-do of everything). Also, even though this map has 2 levels, please suggest something that would work on a single level.

Put your ideas in the comments below, we’ll pick our favourites in a few days and put a poll together.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!


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