Monsters of Omeria | Overcrows

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One may wonder, “Where did overcrows come from?” The last scholar who asked this brave question returned from a 10-year quest gibbering like a loon. All he could say was “CHAR-LO-MAIN!” Once his madness was cured, the scholar had no memory of the “char-lo-main” or the origins of overcrows. Some knowledge is best left unsought.

Clever mages employ overcrows as traps in dungeons. As adventurers are distracted by their need to “caw!” and flap their wings, the dungeon’s inhabitants rob the adventurers and leave them defenseless against the other dangers of the dungeon.

Bird worshippers in the Wither also enjoy the presence of Overcrows and use the creatures for their ceremonies. It’s not uncommon for an Overcrow to lead a cadre of feather-bedecked lunatics.

Treasure Offerings. Overcrows sometimes decorate their lairs with 1d4 pieces of jewelry worth 1d6 x 10 gp each, plus 1d6 random trinkets. Occasionally, they collect coins, too, but never more than 3d6 gp.

Art by Tony Grasso/Direquest.

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