OPEN POST. April release

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today we have finally an update for you. This month with a slight delay, but finally it is. The band Johnny and the Psychos in all its glory with their charismatic leader Johnny The Silver at the front. This influential rocker is not only a talented singer and guitarist, but also a great skimmer. Nobody knows for sure what the story behind Johnny is. His contacts are able to open almost any doors. Each member of the band is unique and the stories behind their lives are as amazing as the music they play.

Highly specialized corporate assault troops are ordinary in Sleepless City. Pacification actions, sudden raids on the headquarters of competitors, dispersing demonstrations, actions to seize resources are daily bread for these units. Alpha-A troopers are operators equipped with light weapons designed to assault buildings, Alpha-C are squad leaders, Alpha-H are heavily armored soldiers, Alpha-M are supporters with heavy machine weapons, while Alpha-S are soldiers with comprehensive training, intended to support teammates depending on the type of action.

April release includes (pre-supported and one piece models):

  • Alpha-A trooper
  • Alpha-H trooper
  • Alpha-C trooper
  • Alpha-S trooper
  • Alpha-M trooper
  • Johnny The Silver
  • Ghetto Blaster
  • Sampler
  • Bobbie Van Heaven
  • Ricky ‘The Engine’

All those who joined us recently can download models from previous months with a 50% discount on our MyMiniFactory store. To save your time we prepared some nice one-click sets. More bundles are coming.

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For all of you who are waiting for your Loyalty Reward for supporting us for at least three months can expect an email about the fact that reward is available. It comes as a pre-supported and without supports versions. We warn you right away that the Protector is amazing and huge.

What’s more, the loyalty reward for supporting us for the  6 consecutive months will also be released this month.

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