Who can prove their superiority at the Dead Cat’s Tavern?

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Back to grassroots, this adventure begins in a tavern where a bunch of mercenaries and tough warriors gather to compete on who’s the strongest, or the fastest, or who can drink more ale and still be standing. All of them are gathered here because of a generous bounty contract. They must investigate the ruined palace up the cliff where a pack of rabid drakes now live. The drakes are ferocious; they have attacked nearby farmlands and small settlements. An evil man in the ruined palace has gained access to an Orb of Dragonkind with which he plans to take over the region with the help of the simple-minded draconic creatures.

This is going to be featured in our upcoming adventure Palace of Drakes Here’s the cover for this adventure, to be released on April 12th. This is a 30×27 squares Roll20 map!

Here’s a close-up of the first floor where mercenaries have fun in the wrestling area.

A close-up of the second floor where the adventurers can book a room to stay the night.

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