Ancient Golem House (Collab) – Map Pack

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Ori The Cartographer creates colorful, vibrant battlemaps for tabletop RPG gaming.

It’s truly a blend of our two styles and brings you not only the exterior of the golem, but makes it fully explorable with two parts of its interior fleshed out. We hope your players are ready for any encounter!

“”Welcome, welcome!” A short man with bulging eyes and long greasy hair shouts out in eagerness for your arrival. You couldn’t find your way and got lost in the swamp, and out of nowhere, a wacky old man and an ancient golem lie before you.

It is reminiscent of times unbeknownst to you, ridden in mysterious technology and abandoned in this foggy swamp. Rust covers its spine and tree vines embrace its parts. It must’ve been dormant here for many years.

“Follow, follow me!” the man eagerly tells you. He hops from one mushroom to another and from metal to metal. He stands in front of a door leading into the… golem’s head? Wait, why is there a door in the golem’s neck? The strange man grows impatient and calls out to you once more: “Come, no wait, come!” His words are as confusing as the situation. You make your way towards him to figure out the oddities surrounding the golem’s intrigue.”

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for a new series next month!


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