Beatdown at Big Battle Ridge (Tunnels & Trolls)

For use with Tunnels & Trolls (including Deluxe), Monsters! Monsters! and similar works.

This scenario is set in the lands of Hylax the campaign created by the author for her T&T/M!M! players over the past few years. More specifically, it is in the border between the Reservation where the nations of monsters, ill-kin in her dialect, and the dwarven monument Mount Krushmore looming over them. The monument commemorates the final routing of ill-kin opposition to Good Peoples’ expansion over the island at the Big Battle in the mountains, now called Big Battle Ridge, where the work was established. Images of the dwarven generals that defeated the somewhat united monsters was constructed in the mountainous ridge line that stretches along the eastern border of the Rez, as it is colloquially known, and is still being worked on at when the Player-Characters start the role-playing sessions contained in this work.

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