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We held a poll earlier this month in which we asked all of you guys to tell us what sort of Items you would like to see for River Styx. We really liked the ideas that were there and decided to go with Ben’s ‘Lovecraftion Item.’ During creation we were inspired to make it a Beholder item.

Without further ado, this month’s exclusive Item Cards for all “The First Scouts“, “First Class Ranger“,”Undaunted Pioneer“, “Grand Archivist” and “Master Chronicler” supporters, here to accompany you and your companions on your epic tales:

$2+ Rewards

[The First Scouts] [First Class Ranger] [Undaunted Pioneer] & [Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

  • Death’s Tale

Wondrous Item | Uncommon | Requires Attunement

“Created by a heartbroken necromancer who wanted to communicate with his deceased lover. A soul of a nearby corpse can inhabit Death’s Tale, giving it a semblance of life and Intelligence and allowing it to answer up to 5 of your questions. The board holds one word answers and the spirit can only communicate with the user through use of the board.”

  • Lantern of Imprisonment

Wondrous Item  | Very Rare | Requires Attunement

The harbinger of death used the lantern’s might to forever capture any roaming soul — no matter how powerful. If you listen closely you can still hear the agony and screams of the souls trapped inside. Often used in the dark, its azure light is capable of revealing any invisible creature and object. One cannot hide from death.

  • Sickle of Imprisonment

Wondrous Item | Very Rare | Requires Attunement

The harbinger of death used the sickle’s might to harvest and shred into your body’s deepest crux. Whoever is slain through the sickle’s doing is forced to leave the body. When one wields the Lantern of Imprisonment in combination with this sickle, one becomes a wielder of death who can banish souls into the lantern.

$5+ Rewards

[Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

  • Ring of Beholding

Wondrous Item  | Legendary | Requires No Attunement

One of Beholder’s many lost eyes is infused with the ring’s crystal orb. A single eye contains such powerful magic, that despite being only one out of ten, it holds the power to instill absolute fear onto its prey. Although nothing truly happens to the target, it still paralyzes its foes through a compelling mental illusion. As its wearer you are not safe from its leering eye(s) either, leaving you with no shut-eye through dreadful nightmares.

  • Formats: JPG (Print ready)
  • Sizes: A6, Postcard (4×6”)
  • Variations: With text, Without text, Transparent

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$2+ Rewards
$5+ Rewards


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