Out Of The Void

“They came from beneath like daemons rising from the depths of Hell! We did not stand a chance.”

This one-shot adventure for 4 – 6 PCs of level 5 – 10 takes players on a quest to investigate the appearance of giant chasms, which are swallowing up land and buildings in Pikewater Port and the surrounding area, and to banish the creatures that emerge from within.

There are two Key Events and a Main Event which triggers the final part of the quest. Use the random events to build the story and whenever you are ready, trigger the key and main events and get on with the boss fight!

The module works well as a dark mystery where a sense of foreboding lays like a thick fog over the residents of Pikewater Port and players can feel a creeping sense of dread whenever night falls, and the risk of an attack is ever present!

This product is priced at $5.95


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