Scalable Boss Fights – Set 1

Scalable Boss Fights, is pretty much a summary of what this is.

This document contains 10 enemies designed from the ground up to be adjustable to provide an interesting, challenging encounter for any party size and level in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

The horrible maths has been done for you (I’ve left you some simple addition and might even ask you to multiply two numbers together). Instead there is a simplified table of values for you to pull across to your enemy of choice.

As these enemies were built from the ground up, rather than being a statistical change of existing enemies, they also feature more abilities and encourage interaction. Information about these abilities is fed to the players though a simple Information Check mechanic as an encounter progresses. What they will do with this information is another matter.

What enemies are in this set?

This set contains the following enemies:

  • Scorchhide, a vengeful fire dragon, blackened by its own flames.
  • Xelor, a towering mortal that toys with both people and time.
  • The White Gale, an honourable master of the spear.
  • Lich, a nameless wizard and it’s mindless minions.
  • Takarat, a titanic, volcano-like earth elemental.
  • Icycar, the draconic herald of ice.
  • Murref, a giant gladiator encased in iron.
  • Benoit, a sentient gas with a fascination with lightning.
  • Lord Terryn, the gentleman ooze suppressing its natural instincts.
  • Yi Talan, a psionic hunger given physical form.

I have questions!

A quick FAQ following initial feedback is below, otherwise emails, comments and the like will be answered:

Is there a printer friendly version?

Yes, there is one included.

Are there strategy guides for GMs using the enemies?

There is general advice applicable to all enemies but no guides for specific enemies.

A user guide for each enemy has been discussed and I am considering adding. The general response has been in favour of no/unneeded but it is always open for consideration. This includes both options of adding one for all enemies or just for specific enemies which are particularly complex.

Will you be adding pictures and/or lore to the enemies?

While this is a mechanics first project I am considering adding short lore writeups. This lore would be centered around the personality and physical descriptions of the enemy to give it more character rather than their place in a world.

In initial feedback this was considered very low priority from those surveyed with some considering it a negative or waste of resources. Generally in these cases people wanted to flavour the enemies details themselves and/or would rather see the time and effort applied elsewhere.

On the pictures front, I would like to include pictures however the overhead time investment of doing them all myself is daunting. On the off chance this project of mine starts making money (the intention is to always have my homebrew type work as ‘pay what you want’) I would rather reinvest that back into the community and commission pieces than spend hours upon hours doing it myself.

This product is priced at $5.00


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