Sky-City Dwarves Army Pack – Paper Miniatures

Sky-City Dwarves are the most bizarre of dwarf factions, as they’ve abandoned their underground lives to form a new society in the clouds. They use ingenious balloons to float over their enemies, as well as to raise battle ships and even cities.”

This Sky-City Dwarves Army Pack contains the following miniatures in 2 different color schemes, as well as a black & white line art version:

  • Captain w/ Chem-Rifle
  • Crewman w/ Sword
  • Gunner w/ Rifle
  • Gunner w/ Volley Gun
  • Balloon Warden w/ Pike
  • Scabby Pete

These printable paper miniatures are formated for easy printing, cutting and folding, so that you can start playing with them in no-time. They are intended for tabletop wargames and RPGs, and are around 25mm-30mm in scale.

Illustrations & Coloring: Ethan Seward, James Koyle


Note: Also comes with a black border version of all miniatures.


This product is priced at $2.99


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