The Spectral Champion – A New Fighter Archetype (Fantasy Grounds)

You were killed upon the battlefield, brutally murdered and left for dead. Yet somehow, the souls of your fallen comrades were drawn to you, and gave you new life to set out and avenge them until they can rest quiet. You are a walking tomb, a speaking cairn, a spectral champion. Within you are the spirits and wraiths of a thousand warriors who fought at your side, but the power of your fighting drive and strength of will has transformed you into the voice of a battalion. 

Fight till the Last

The Spectral Champion is a fighter archetype that allows players to take on the role of a revived soldier possessed and empowered by the spirits of their departed and dead compatriots, searching for answers. Carrying both martial prowess and necromantic abilities, the Spectral Champion is a spirit of vengeance, an angel of doom. But whether their origin is internal or celestial – or otherwise – is unknown.

Pick from three origins – Blood, Fen, or Tomb – which will sculpt your story and gameplay: all the same subclass, but all different outcomes. 

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