Worlds Beyond (Classic Reprint)

Precis Intermedia brings back this classic science fiction roleplaying game where anything is possible (originally published by Other World Games). 

The future is now. Probe the complexities of interstellar politics, alien interaction, corporate intrigue, and space exploration. Only the smart, the brave, and the lucky dare to live out their dreams. Take the challenge… 

Character generation is flexible and comprehensive, with players portraying any of four diverse species and eight different occupations. The fast-paced combat system provides for realistic, exciting, and potentially deadly encounters. Journey to the Sleeper Worlds, Earth’s first colonies and sometimes enemies. Walk on the home world of the Swarr and witness clan rituals thousands of years old. Venture into the Rift, where the Dolf sell anything from technology to slaves. Follow the Sher’tazi as they make their pilgrimages through life, never knowing where it will lead or end. 

Risk everything and confront your destiny in Worlds Beyond

This scanned reprint of the classic 1989 softcover requires two 10-sided dice (D%), and typically one 4-sided, 6-sided, and 8-sided die.

This roleplaying game contains everything you need to get started quickly, including easy to run combat mechanics; star, world, and civiliation generation; starship construction and combat; information on robots and androids; catalog of worlds in known space; and an introductory adventure.

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