Heaven’s Sent

So much time has passed since the sylphs flew across the heavens, hanging the stars in the firmament and shepherding the clouds, that many believed them an extinct people. For those who know where to look, though, contradictory evidence is widespread: ancient cities hidden in high mountains; dark specks drifting high in the air, pinned to the sky by magic long lost; sightings of flying people; and sudden tempests in whose black clouds armed and armored warriors hurl lightning at the ground. The sylphs might have left the troubles of Rûl behind, but they have never been far away.

     Heaven’s Sent explores the sylphs presented in the Demon Lord’s Companion 2, offering new options for character creation, clarification of the ancestry rules, and new paths. Armed with this supplement, you can create compelling sylph characters to fight the minions of the Demon Lord and safeguard creation from its myriad enemies. The genies entrusted the sylphs with the heavens; now is your chance to preserve reality from utter, apocalyptic ruin.

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